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About Orbuculum

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.

With a mission to eradicate the menace of deadly diseases from the world, our journey began with a question if we can predict the chances of getting a disease in future, and that was the beginning of Orbuculum.

The Orb Card

The Orb Card- Scan, Discover, Personalise, Prevent

Orbuculum has come up with a comprehensive and holistic way to capture the entire you in a QR code, called The Orb Card. Using our patented Genesnap Technology and cutting edge science in genomics and artificial intelligence, we’ve built a virtual persona of you, Your Digital clone, is a true and accurate representation of yourself in a QR Code.

Your Genome with you wherever you GO!

Scanning the QR code on The Orb Card not only lets you discover yourself and foresee your health future, but also gives you access to a personalised world. Get products and services tailored and designed specifically for you in such a way that it works most effectively on YOU with The Orb Card.


Partner Benefit

Partnering with us and integrating The Orb Card in your practise comes with a lot of benefits

  •  Personalise your service and offering using AI and Genomics, increase the efficiency and customer retention rate
  •  Stand out from the crowd- There cannot be a better differentiator than ours
  •  Cater to the premium crowd- Provide an offering which is completely unique and different
  •  Keep your workforce healthy, free from diseases thereby increasing their productivity and reducing absenteeism and presentism
  •  Gateway to novel discoveries- discover the undiscovered
  •  Use AI to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking research

Our Process

Get the Orb delivered to your doorstep

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What do we offer?

We have multiple modules that help with disease prevention and management.

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

We predict and screen for 20+ chronic disorders such as cancers,diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension to name a few. With this we aid people in prevention of these diseases and doctors with an early stage diagnosis.
Orbuculum gives you a glimpse of your Health Future, lets you know your risk of getting the 20+ lifestyle and chronic diseases and most importantly, how to prevent it.
Protect YOU and Your loved ones from deadly diseases
Orbuculum- A kit that can save your life

The Numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don’t hide them




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Awards & Recognitions

It’s been a lot of encouragement and recognitions all along the way

Our Investors

Axilor Ventures, Bengaluru, India

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This test is based on many years of research. Every risk calculation is personal and fully evidence based

Prof. Dr. Maurice Zeegers Professor in Complex Genetics and Epidemiology Maastricht University, The Netherlands

DNA Tests like this are part of the shift to personalised and preventive healthcare which is a global trend

Prof. Dr. Harry Ostrer Professor Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

DNA testing for chronic diseases as done by Orbuculum soon will be part of every health check in our clinics

Dr. Eddy van Heel Founder Prescan Clinics Europe

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