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Eradicating Chronic Diseases One Person at A Time.

With a mission to eradicate the menace of Chronic diseases from the world that can possibly be preventable, we bring to you a personalized product using AI and Genomics.

Orbuculum– Derived from a Latin word, which means a crystal ball mostly used in fairy tales is used to predict the future by gazing at it.

The Journey of Orbuculum started when a few students at IIT Madras came together to curate a cutting edge, innovative and a very personal enterprise.

We figured out as soon as we met that collaboration is the key to attain things faster to create a greater impact in Science and to give back something substantial to the scientific community.

We were lucky enough to start Orbuculum and work with some amazing set of advisors and partners who were experts in Genomics and Artificial Intelligence,This helped us do some extensive research and develop amazing products without much monetary investment.

We were truly lucky to receive backing by such influential investors (Axilor Ventures) at such an early stage, who believed in our vision, our technology, our capabilities and a great potential.

With no surprise, our journey has been filled with lots of ups and downs but nothing could stop us as were completely driven by a powerful vision.